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Powell & Mahoney Low Cal Margarita Mix

Regular price $7.99
Bottle Size: 750 mL

All the flavor of our regular Margarita mixer with 70% fewer calories! 20-calorie Margarita from Powell & Mahoney uses organic light agave along with the freshest tasting, all-natural flavors possible. Now you can anytime! Introducing the worlds first Vintage Original Cocktail Mixers. Powell & Mahoney's line of all-natural, micro-batch produced cocktail mixers faithfully reproduces the authentic and classic flavors, style and spirit of some of Americas great, original cocktails. You dont have to go to a bar or cocktail lounge to taste the real thing. With Powell & Mahoney Vintage Original Cocktail Mixers, anyone can quickly and easily create consistently delicious classic cocktails anywhere, just by adding ice and proper spirit! Its that simple. Its like having a bartender in a bottle.

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