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Hudson Valley Seed Co Northern Lights Linaria

Hudson Valley Seed Co Northern Lights Linaria

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Though small, this flower has gone by a long list of names over the years. The Latin name, Linaria, was thought up by Linnaeus, who noticed the plant's similarities to linum, or flax. Many varieties in this family were then dubbed “flax.” A more antique version of our mix was introduced in 1872 as Fairy Flax. “Toadflax” caught on due to the flowers’ structure, hinged and turned like a toad’s mouth. The glowing colors of this modern mix inspired a whole new level of naming, taking it from the earthy landscape of toads up into the heavens and the colors of the Northern Lights. Though few earthly phenomena can compete in beauty with the Aurora borealis, this blend of vivid colors certainly gives it a shot.
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